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Hammer time

Original problem: as you can see below my hammer-head broke and has been that way for several years, misuse of its intended function. I found a nice piece of mesquite fall off , not a typical wood you would expect to find on a hammer handle but it sure looks good. Don’t know how good the wood will do absorbing the impact of hammering and not relaying the force of impact straight to your arm,probably not as good as hickory would but it sure is going to look sweet. Might be more of a show hammer.  Show hammer? Yea thats right show hammer!!!

I cut the general shape of the handle with a jigsaw and cut the tenon with the Japanese pull saw. I did more precise shaping with a carving tool that had a small sanding disk attached.

After the tenon was cut I took the handsaw and split the tenon so that I could use 5 min epoxy and a wedge driven in also made of mesquite to spread the tenon tight to the inside of the socket in the hammer-head.

Finished product before and after with finish on it I used deft oil. I also took my carving tool with a sanding disk on and cleaned up the hammer-head itself.

Below you can see the wedge it took approximately  an hour and half from start to finish including taking time out to take pictures something I am trying to be better at.


One comment on “Hammer time

  1. Crystal Jackson
    April 18, 2011

    Sometimes tools really can be works of art. I like the shots you took of the process. Super cool.

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This entry was posted on April 10, 2011 by in General woodworking.


Saturday. Samuel Adams Octoberfest. Maple Burl friction folder by Onetree. My newly planted Texas purple sage. Which interesting enough the native americans used to brew herbal teas that treated fever and chills. Mesquite grilled hamburgers accompanied by a mesquite friction folder. Made in Texas by me. Date night. #Reposting @artisanbuilt with @instagrab_pic -- We spent most of the morning back at the Seward Plantation working on project scope and pricing. You can't help but be transported back in time when you walk on the property. Not in the way a museum full of antiquities makes you feel. But in a real life honest representation of a home,outbuildings and contents that have somehow managed to survive in gritty glory since before the civil war. The beginning of my fall garden requires a matching beer. But of course. Coffee first. Saturday evening creek therapy. How many carpenters does it take to start an old land cruiser? Apparently it's more then four...... Date night. T-bones,beets,asparagus,mac and cheese and naan bread. And of course yet another gratuitous shot of one my homemade knifes.
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