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Alberto’s theory of recycling

One of the things I love about the building trade is that it is made up of people who are used to not exactly  having all the right tools for the job. On any given day you never know what type of problem you might encounter and you try to have on hand a wide selection of tools. So when you get to the job and you don’t have what you need are you  going to drive 40+ miles to get what you need or are you going to be resourceful and make what you need. If your name is Alberto you make do with what you have. In this instance we had a plumbing pipe in the wrong place and after the plumber came to fix the mistake we were left with a sheet rock patch. The sheet rock texture is sprayed with a specially made plastic hopper that is hooked into a compressor that disperses the sheet rock mud in a specific pattern. The patch was small and we had no hopper so Alberto takes it on his own to make a hopper out of an empty plastic soda water bottle. He cut a hole in the back of the bottle just big enough for a common air blower and filled the plastic bottle with sheet rock mud. Then he poked small holes in the cap so that when air was introduced to the bottle the pressure created inside would shoot the mud out of the small holes created by a small drill bit and create a texture that could be controlled by the diameter of the holes drilled in the cap and the amount of air released into the bottle. recycling takes on a whole new concept.Genius surrounds us.

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.
 Thomas Alva Edison quotes

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Saturday night vibes got me like....
#lakebum#kayakfishing #kayaking#saturdaynight #lifeisbetteroutside #flyfishing #sunset#familytime#getoutside#igtexas#smores#fishbum Sunday. 72 degrees. Not a boat in site. Sunday meditation. On the Llano River. Day 2. On the Llano. Our biannual trip to Terra Firma has begun. 👍🎣🛶🛶🥓🥩🍻🍷🥃 Sunday morning was spent trying to do a hard reset on my consciousness. Be the leaf....Be the leaf.....don’t fight the current....use the current. Easier said then done. Happy Sunday friends. Not ready to let go of the weekend yet. So it begins. Another project brought to you by Artisan Builders. The Seward Plantation restoration began today. Stay tuned to @artisanbuilt and my stories here. I promise this is shaping up to be an interesting,challenging and engaging project. More to come.......
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