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I dream of a bed in Big Sur

I love the interaction between wood and stone ,on this piece I used some stone that I brought back from the beaches of Big Sur, California. I was inspired by the many cairns that were left scattered on the beaches often in most remote places that take a great deal of effort to get to. Cairns are  basically a man-made piles of stones often defying gravity. Historically cairns are found all over the world but the majority of them are found in Europe some many centuries old. The reasons for the cairns are thought to be mainly ceremonial landmarks but also possibly used for astronomical purposes. I personally think some of them might just have been built for the hell of it. Maybe it was just a form of meditation. The cairns I am talking about in Big Sur are not centuries old some of them are probably lucky to make it a year due mainly to the proximity to the ocean. The majority of them most likely built by travelers that feel a need to leave something of themselves behind in this beautiful place ,if only for a while until the next big wave hits and returns them from whence they came to be re-deposited back into the randomness beauty of nature. =Life

The posts were made from aromatic cedar ,the rails made from spalted sycamore and the small cairns on top of the post were built with  rocks I collected from some of the most beautiful beaches on earth in Big Sur, California.

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This entry was posted on May 10, 2011 by in Furniture.


Thursday night at the Jackson Haus.

#txbbq #bbqchicken #bbqcorn #scotchscotchscotch In the building business you spend your life in perpetual transition.

#artisanbuilders#customhomes#custombuilders#txhomes#weekendhome #builditbetter Progression on Casa de Jackson. Grateful . Cheers to all you fellow fathers out there on this, the eve of Father's Day. 
#dadlife#saturdaynight#fathersday2017 Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence. Henry David Thoreau A little Spork action. On the left a titanium spork by Light my fire. On the right a mesquite spork by OneTree.

#lightmyfire #lightmyfirespork #mesquite#onetreewoodwork #bushcraft#campgear #spork#farmersalmanac They auctioned off the lease for the rights to frack beneath and around Lake Somerville yesterday in New Mexico. The bureau of land management spokeswoman issued a statement saying they were still going through all the protest and would not issue the actual leases until they are either upheld or dismissed. This isn't just about preserving nature and wildlife (which should be enough) it's also about preserving clean water for the surrounding communities. Where the hell are our local representatives?
@txstateparkambassadors @sierraclub @texasparkswildlifefoundation @visitbrenham @keeptxbeautiful @anti.fracking @usfws @environmenttexas @epagov @flint_water Home.
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