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A carving for my daughter

Pics from my almost finished carving/inlay I made for my daughter Molly. It requires several more hand rubbed coats of Danish oil, before its done it will have 8 to 10 coats. As I discussed in an earlier post the entire tree carving is filled with shells picked up off the beaches of big sur. Both colors coming from the wonderful Abalone shell, the blossoms being made from the shell in its mother of pearl stage and the tree portion made from a beautiful cobalt colored shell. The wood is a beautifully figured piece of maple that I got from my brother I think he would be proud. I attempted to play the shape of the tree off of the natural figuring in the wood that goes from light to dark from right corner to left bottom. As if there was sun light beaming down casting light onto the blossoms and as the light filters down the tree the darkness in the wood would provide a shaded effect. Giving the effect of early morning sunlight over a Japanese styled cherry tree.



Pics: From the beaches around Big Sur,Carmel by the Sea,and a current pic of Molly.


Carmel by the sea poet:



And here’s a portrait of my granddaughter Una
When she was two years old: a remarkable painter,
A perfect likeness: nothing tricky nor modernist,
Nothing of the artist fudging his art into the picture,
But simple and true. She stands in a glade of trees with a still inlet
Of blue ocean behind her. Thus exactly she looked then,
A forgotten flower in her hand, those great blue eyes
Asking and wondering.
                                    Now she is five years old
And found herself; she does not ask any more but commands,
Sweet and fierce-tempered; that light red hair of hers
Is the fuse for explosions. When she is eighteen
I’ll not be here. I hope she will find her natural elements,
Laughter and violence; and in her quiet times
The beauty of things—the beauty of transhuman things,
Without which we are all lost. I hope she will find
Powerful protection and a man like a hawk to cover her.

2 comments on “A carving for my daughter

  1. Crystal Jackson
    November 6, 2011

    Tohner, that’s a beautiful piece of art and expression of love that Molly will cherish forever. I like that it captures something of Mason and Big Sur, too.

    And that poem…

      November 6, 2011

      Thanks for the kind comments it means a lot!

      Sent from my iPhone

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Thursday night at the Jackson Haus.

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