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Custom woodworking and art

Steps to Grow a chair……..

Step 1: plant seed

Step 2: Add water and sun wait at least 30 years. If uncut could live to 500 years and older.

Step 3: Turn lumber into structural element in custom home. Recognize that you are contributing to the deforestation of the earth.

Step 4: Don’t let the waste turn into more waste by putting it in a landfill. Again recognize that your hands have had a part in taking resources from the earth.



Step 5: Do something with it. Now. Build with passion,art and respect to the fact we are all using natural resources some of us more than others. Being a homebuilder and woodworker I have been responsible for many a tree’s end and take that responsibility seriously.



Step 6: Drink a nice glass of port to celebrate. Sit down and feel the raw power of the tree. It still exists not the same as it was but hopefully still beautiful.


A few minutes ago every tree was excited, bowing to the roaring storm, waving, swirling, tossing their branches in glorious enthusiasm like worship. But though to the outer ear these trees are now silent, their songs never cease.
John Muir


3 comments on “Steps to Grow a chair……..

  1. Crystal Jackson
    November 26, 2011

    Man, this chair looks fantastic. Since the light is different in all of the photos, which of the three colors (reddish, honey or brown) is most accurate? And have you decided what to do about the cushion yet?

      November 26, 2011

      I would say it has that it favors honey in that it has that gold/brown/red thing going for it. As for the cushions I am leading toward a simple black leather/pleather but am still considering other more old school fabric patterns. Some designed by the very guy who designed the chair.

      • Crystal Jackson
        November 26, 2011

        If you decide to do fabric, I’ve had good luck at High Fashion Home in midtown (stupid name for a store, but they have a huge fabric selection on four floors). That’s where I got the fabric to recover the grandparents’ dining chairs and a couple of rocking chairs. Looking forward to seeing this piece “in chair” some time soon.

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Saturday night vibes got me like....
#lakebum#kayakfishing #kayaking#saturdaynight #lifeisbetteroutside #flyfishing #sunset#familytime#getoutside#igtexas#smores#fishbum Sunday. 72 degrees. Not a boat in site. Sunday meditation. On the Llano River. Day 2. On the Llano. Our biannual trip to Terra Firma has begun. 👍🎣🛶🛶🥓🥩🍻🍷🥃 Sunday morning was spent trying to do a hard reset on my consciousness. Be the leaf....Be the leaf.....don’t fight the current....use the current. Easier said then done. Happy Sunday friends. Not ready to let go of the weekend yet. So it begins. Another project brought to you by Artisan Builders. The Seward Plantation restoration began today. Stay tuned to @artisanbuilt and my stories here. I promise this is shaping up to be an interesting,challenging and engaging project. More to come.......
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