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Chicken or the egg………..

I saw a link to this story , on another great blog here  , great story and a great example of following your own inner intuition even if it means building an egg-shaped tree house on someone else’s land.

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.  ~J. Lubbock


2 comments on “Chicken or the egg………..

  1. Trailer Park Cyclist
    April 24, 2012


    I saw that tree house over at Lloyd’s. Tree houses have always held a special place in my heart, as they do for so many people. It was Tarzan and the Swiss Family Robinson that started it all, I think. I built one several years ago and subsequently took it down last year. I wrote about it on my blog.

    They are funny things. As a pro you are aware of the restrictions and hurdles caused by the Building Code. What are the codes for a ton or so of lumber perched in a tree? As a careful builder I made certain that the one I built would stick. It did. Back in 2004 our area was hit by a series of hurricanes. While neighborhoods all around it turned into FEMA trailer/blue tarp cities, that tree house remained unscathed.

    Not bragging, or particularly over-proud. OK, it is bragging. Of the literally hundreds of structures that I have had a hand in creating, from high rise steel and glass condominiums, commercial restaurants, custom and cookie-cutter houses, dog-houses, bird-houses, bus stops clubhouses, entry gates/guard shacks, that tree house has always been my favorite. I hope I get to do another before it is too late.

    By the way, the Statistics page on my Blog shows One Tree Woodworks as being consistently my biggest source of referrals. You must have a lot of non-commenting readers. I am grateful for it.

    Thanks. Yer Pal, tj

      April 25, 2012

      Your tree house blog was one of my favorites. Something very elemental and magical about a tree house that doesn’t seem to change with age. Your statistics page must be broke but I appreciate the encouragement.

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Dad and I built this house in 2011 on a stone outcropping overlooking Lake Somerville. It was just published in the Luxe Life - Houston Chronicle. How you like them apples!

#artisanbuilders#artisanbuilt#customhomes#homebuilders#txbuilders#builditandtheywillcome#houstonchronicle #luxelife Saturday at the lake.

#lakesomerville#welchpark#flyfishing#kayaking #txkayakfishing #getoutside#outsidefamily #takeakidfishing #fish#bethewater Sunday night.Smoked pork butt.Buffalo nickel camp knife. All is well. Happy Valentine’s! Get in where you fit in. I am home. Love - T Rowan who will be turning 9 years old tomorrow received a lego v-dub at his birthday party yesterday. Obsessed with building it from the moment he opened it. This morning my wife goes into his room at 4:45 he has his lap top open,tv on and he is midway through bag 2. He looks up with the eyes of an obsessed builder,a look she has seen many times from (me). With no help from anybody he finished the obsession.... I mean project just before noon. Never got angry or frustrated but most importantly seemed to enjoy the process. A project for 16 year olds and older 1,167 pieces later. He’s grown so much in the last year....which gives me hope maybe it’s not too late for me to grow as well. Determination and obsession can be a very productive duo just don’t forget to enjoy the ride. @lego .
#dadlife TGIF friends!! Still toying with different color combinations for the official Artisan Builders cap. This combo is pretty sweet but I’m going to have a few other color combos made to compare. What do y’all think? Cheers.

#artisanbuilders#customhomes#artisanbuilt#homebuilders#branding#tgif#swag#buildit#builditandtheywillcome Grow your own. Dinner is shaping up!

#victorygarden#growyourown#brussellsprouts#backyardgarden #brenham Saturday expedition. Lake Somerville. 2018.
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