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It started with a whisper….






“magic lives in curves, not angles”
Mason Cooley


5 comments on “It started with a whisper….

  1. Crystal Jackson
    September 9, 2012

    Last night as I waited for sleep to arrive, I was thinking about this piece. And how the photos you posted come from basically two angles. Which made me wonder if you intend for it to come out of the wall (like a lot of your other work) or if it’s supposed to be free-standing.

      September 9, 2012

      Yea, I guess I never thought about it but I do love things coming out of walls. This piece in truth came from a failed project like much of my stuff does. I was doing a full bust of a woman and really screwed up the breast they were to far apart like some deep sea fish whose eyes move independently from each other. So I left it in my shop as yet another failed experiment until I was cleaning out my shop the other day and saw that the side profile was not to bad.(so I cut it in half) All was not lost. It just took looking at it from a different angle. I’m sure there is a lesson here…..

      • Crystal Jackson
        September 9, 2012

        That’s metaphorical and shit.

        Now I have the image of a fish with wide-set breasts (like scuba tanks) cruising around the ocean floor.

  2. Trailer Park Cyclist
    September 15, 2012

    OK I wasn’t sure what to say because it looks like Snoopy to me and i don’t want to hurt your feelings or reveal my lack of mental stability. But that coming out of the wall thing: when you are diving in the Florida Keys and visibility is at thirty feet, Big Things come out of the wall, the floor and the ceiling. Then duck back in. When one of those things is a hammerhead shark it gets your attention.

    Like Michelangelo freeing the form from the block, art is elusive and we have no idea how many of his sculptures ended up as gravel in the Pope’s driveway. With wood, i have always felt that the story is in the grain and no matter how hard you try to do a representational piece, some asshole will only Rorschach it into a figure from the Sunday Funnies.

    But not me. I think. Wait…

      September 16, 2012

      Great so Crystal is stuck seeing a fish with large breast and you a beagle.Shit now I’m confused…. Beagles,Boobs and fish (oh my)hmmm….sounds like a great name for a bar…

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Thursday night at the Jackson Haus.

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