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I built a sand tray/coffee table for a deserving therapist that evidently uses the sand along with miniatures to help kids and adults express the inexpressible.



My Macbook had abruptly stopped working about 4 months ago so since then I have been blogging from my phone which has been making it a tad bit difficult to post on this thing I call a blog. Last weekend following some glorious computer nerds blog I was guided through a thorny path of hard resets. One of them worked and here I am typing on my old pal it’s good to be back I hope it got some rest while he was gone. I promise no more questionable sites……..


I have an old singer treadle sewing machine that has been falling apart for some time. The sewing machine inside of it has missing parts and the cabinet portion of it has all but delaminated  its veneer. We have been using it as a place to hold our tv audio equip not much pedal powered sewing going on over here. So I have decided to take the cabinet portion off of the beautiful steel stand. Like most old tools the detail and craftsmanship they put into them is incredible and the ornate stand will make a great base for a new table and if I can figure out all of the logistics I am going to incorporate the foot pedal into the design/action of the table. Maybe even generate some power from it………Stay tuned


After my experiment with the dirt in my garden from such post as “The wonderful world of dirt”. We did our best to amend the soil and pick plants that could flourish in our specific (shitty) dirt. So a few weeks ago we planted by opening up a wad of seed packets and wildly throwing them about in our rows figuring maybe if we approached it more casually we might have better luck. Only problem is we don’t know exactly what we have because we smartly threw out all of the packets.






4 comments on “Misc….recap

  1. Crystal Jackson
    September 24, 2012

    I like this caution-to-the-wind approach you’re utilizing. Letting the magic find you.

      September 24, 2012

      That’s what the plan is I have tried the anxious over-wrought with stress and pessimism route before.

  2. Trailer Park Cyclist
    September 24, 2012

    Those Singer work tables were bad-ass, to be sure. I had one back in the antique collecting Days of My Life (2nd Marriage). Like you, I wanted to figure out some kind of operable gizmatronic device to incorporate into the re-do, even though the one we had worked perfectly. (The smart thing would have been to learn how to work the thing and become a seamster. There are guys out there right now making bicycle luggage at pretty wild prices and most of them have extensive waiting lists. That’s the gig to be in, isn’t it? Anything that has a waiting list of eager customers. I remember that society ladies would order a china cabinet from Krenov only to receive a chair and writing desk two years later.)

    Where was I? Oh! The ornate iron-work and flip-de-doo features incorporated in that sewing machine whispers in your ear that she wants to be something Steampunk. I always had something on the order of one of those miniature brass cannons in mind but I am far to lazy to ever do anything like that. But you, on the other hand…

    We have a local newspaper columnist who occasionally writes about his gardening exploits under the name “The Darwinian Gardner.” Your technique is certain to succeed and may even result in some nourishing and scary mutations that will save the world.


    ps I hope you noticed that I worked that “whisper” in there as a kind of atonement for saying your boob job looked like Snoopy. There. I feel better. I’m glad we had this talk,

      September 25, 2012

      First let me start from the end.

      No need to atone: beagles and boobs are some of my favorite things in the world. I have what might be one of the best beagles in the world under my roof presently. She does nothing during the day yet I’m certain if everyone had an equal pet world peace would most certainly prevail.

      Sometimes I think the surest way for something to grow is give it water and forget about it.

      For sure she (Singer) does give that steampunk swagger off. Whatever I come up with probably won’t be as useful as its original purpose. But that won’t stop me from trying.

      Yea, still trying to get to that waiting list thing. Still foolish enough to think its possible on a good day ( a real good day)

      Ps. Tried to comment on your latest post for some reason it didn’t seem to work. Your bike looks great and it sounds like it was a fun project. I myself was in love with a bike one summer, a specialized mountain bike that was a hammy down from my father. I rode her everyday after work during one of the hottest summers on record. She helped me get over a breakup in which I first discovered “bitches be crazy”. But that’s another story.
      B.T.W nice truck….

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Dad and I built this house in 2011 on a stone outcropping overlooking Lake Somerville. It was just published in the Luxe Life - Houston Chronicle. How you like them apples!

#artisanbuilders#artisanbuilt#customhomes#homebuilders#txbuilders#builditandtheywillcome#houstonchronicle #luxelife Saturday at the lake.

#lakesomerville#welchpark#flyfishing#kayaking #txkayakfishing #getoutside#outsidefamily #takeakidfishing #fish#bethewater Sunday night.Smoked pork butt.Buffalo nickel camp knife. All is well. Happy Valentine’s! Get in where you fit in. I am home. Love - T Rowan who will be turning 9 years old tomorrow received a lego v-dub at his birthday party yesterday. Obsessed with building it from the moment he opened it. This morning my wife goes into his room at 4:45 he has his lap top open,tv on and he is midway through bag 2. He looks up with the eyes of an obsessed builder,a look she has seen many times from (me). With no help from anybody he finished the obsession.... I mean project just before noon. Never got angry or frustrated but most importantly seemed to enjoy the process. A project for 16 year olds and older 1,167 pieces later. He’s grown so much in the last year....which gives me hope maybe it’s not too late for me to grow as well. Determination and obsession can be a very productive duo just don’t forget to enjoy the ride. @lego .
#dadlife TGIF friends!! Still toying with different color combinations for the official Artisan Builders cap. This combo is pretty sweet but I’m going to have a few other color combos made to compare. What do y’all think? Cheers.

#artisanbuilders#customhomes#artisanbuilt#homebuilders#branding#tgif#swag#buildit#builditandtheywillcome Grow your own. Dinner is shaping up!

#victorygarden#growyourown#brussellsprouts#backyardgarden #brenham Saturday expedition. Lake Somerville. 2018.
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