One Tree Woodwork

Custom woodworking and art

In the woods

In the beginning:
I was woken up this morning by the sound of sleet being tossed against the old single glazed windows. As I swing my feet over the edge of the bed my feet make first contact with the frigid old pine floors. I stumble into the living room the beagle still asleep on the couch nothing visible but her nose poking out of the blanket like a snorkel. I light the gas space heaters and thus the day begins.

It was simple:
I text dad in an effort to get a handle on the days work.
Me: It’s pretty bad weather here I wonder if I should wait to get those logs until we have .. ….better weather
Dad: When did you tell him that you would pick up the logs?
Me: I told him this week if weather permitted.
Me: Whats the weather look like in your direction?
Dad: It looks like a good day to be in the woods.

Good enough for me lets roll.

So it begins I throw my gear (chainsaw,bar oil,gas,gloves,chaps and my axe) into the back of the Dodge. Say goodbye to the family and out the door I go. Why the axe your asking?

The axe is essential not because its needed for this job because the sharp chain on the blade of my chainsaw works swiftly. No I bring the axe out of respect and it represents a symbol. I believe that a tree would much rather meet its end with an axe swung by man than a screaming chainsaw. The axe may bring more pain but demands the respect of man. One that swings the axe must pay respect with every muscle in the body to the brilliance and strength that lay beneath the bark. Though todays trip into the woods the felling is not necessary the trees lay in wait.

My new Hobbit hole is set on a hill amongst rolling prairie land that’s scattered with woods. Like any good hobbit hole it has multiple exits in which to get to either work or play. This morning I choose the dark wooded path which consist of a curvy road with overhanging live oak trees that create a wooden tunnel over the road. The majority of the trees most likely are several hundred years old and their appearance demands respect.

So I wind my way along this path bearing down on the clutch and shifting my tired and cold diesel truck through the curves. In reality to a casual observer it may look like a carpenter in his work worn truck. Inside the cab we feel simultaneously like batman hurdling his way to the bat cave in the bat mobile and like a horseman galloping faster and faster down the ever constricting tree lined tunnel and as the tunnel gets darker and more narrow the light at the end of the tunnel gets larger. The horse quickens his pace and just like that we break on through to the other side and there is the highway. Time to snap out of my time travel and start to focus because its the time of day when the moon is tipping its hat to the sun and there’s many miles to go.

I spent lots of time in my early twenties in the woods milling trees. In fact almost all of the furniture in my house was built from trees I milled. This simple act of harvesting some forgotten trees deep in the woods with my father has awoken something. Something I had forgotten. Taking something from the forest and turning it into something else something unexpected. Well there is nothing like it. These fallen trees represent pure potentiality.



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Palo Duro Canyon and the Sorenson cabin is where we spend tonight. Dubbed the Texas Grand Canyon the second largest canyon in the United States. The first people to inhabit this canyon were the Clovis and Folsom people who hunted large herds of mammoth and giant bison. The cabin was built in the 30’s by the CCC. The first European explorers to come upon the canyon were members of the Coronado expedition in 1541. At that time, the Apache people called the canyon home. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado led 1,500 men in a Thanksgiving celebration in May of 1541, which is the real first Thanksgiving in America. The Apache were later run out by the Comanche and Kiowa tribes, who had the advantage of horses brought over by the Spanish. #palodurocanyon #txparks#getoutside#cabin#explore
Art and travel have some things in common and the more you see the more your mind opens. It was Mark Twain that said :Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime. And while Cadillac Ranch wasn’t exactly my kind of art I do appreciate it exists. It’s both ridiculous and iconic and in a way fits into its stark prairie background. It was moved to its current site in 1997 2 miles to the west right off where historic Route 66 once laid. I just hope when they moved it and reburied them nose-first in the ground, it’s still at an angle corresponding to that of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. #cadillacranch #amarillo #amarillobymorning #marktwain#noreservations
So after they shut down the entire San Juan Wilderness we headed north. We explored the Rio Grande National Forest. The pictures and video are from the South Fork Rio Grande. These high elevation creeks are where it’s at for me. Hard to wade,hard to cast,the fish are as spooky as they come. But the beauty is unparalleled. Oh and speaking of fish I caught an enormous rainbow.......well that was until he took a sky high run and spit the hook. No pictures just a single tear shed. I’ve got the memories though....
Made it to the top of the Continental Divide and spent some time on the CDT trail. At about 11,400 ft we even had a snowball fight in 70 degree weather with what was left of the snow. We were able to see all this before they shut down the entire San Juan Wilderness for wildfire concerns.#continentaldividetrail #wolfcreekpass#getoutside
Treasure Falls named after a local legend about “a treasure of gold” buried in the mountain the falls plunge from. The main drop is approximately 105’. Located in the San Juan mountains in the Rio Grande National Forest. It’s most definitely a treasure and it has nothing to do with gold. #treasurefalls #riograndenationalforest #sanjuanwilderness #waterfalls#dontgochasingwaterfalls #getoutside#natureisthecure
In the Echo Amphitheater inside the Carson National Forest we hiked to the face and let out our own rallying cry,listening for the returning echos ringing through the desert. A powerful place with an odd feeling of both being both alone but with a distinct sense of someone watching...... Legend has it that In the spring of 1861, some farmers who had come from Iowa to settle and farm in Northern New Mexico were set upon by a band of Navajo. The settlers were taken to the top of the amphitheater and executed. Their blood spilled into the amphitheater, staining its walls. Three years later, when the Navajo were being forced on the “Long Walk” to Bosque Redondo by the U.S. Army, ten Navajo men were killed at the top of the amphitheater in retribution for the earlier deaths. Once again, blood spilled down the walls of the amphitheater. The blood seeped into the pores of the rock and dried and supposedly is still visible today. It is said that in the echoes returned from the cliff’s walls one can hear the anguished cries of the dead, hence its name, #echoampitheater #carsonnationalforest #getoutside#explore#newmexico#walkinginthedesert #onahorsewithnoname
A long...long....long time ago dinosaurs left tracks in the mud of an ancient ocean. (Theropod and Sauropod tracks) we walked and stalked in those very footprints in the Paluxy River in Dinosaur Valley State Park. #dinosaurvalleystatepark #txparks#getoutside#texasparksandwildlife
Backyard bike ride.
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