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Carving Homage to Starry Night






14 comments on “Carving Homage to Starry Night

  1. Crystal Jackson
    April 16, 2013

    YES! And wow. That’s amazing. I’ve been waiting for this all day after reading your posts yesterday. I hope it put your mind at rest, if only for a little while. Can’t wait to see it in person.

      April 16, 2013

      Thanks! It really drew me in and was fun and almost entrancing to try to follow his brushstrokes with my chainsaw grinder. Once I started I never left it until it was done.

  2. Tim Joe
    April 16, 2013


      April 17, 2013


      If the WOW was a positive wow….which I think it was….and not a Wow “that’s some baby” kind of wow….thank you….I value your opinion.
      Your chainsaw slinging pal,

      • TJC
        April 23, 2013

        Oh, it was absolutely a positive wow. I live in an town full of galleries and artisans and occasionally travel the show circuit with my friend the potter but I don’t believe I have ever seen a wood-carving copy of a famous painting. The possibilities are intriguing, particularly if you were to laminate up blanks with multiple colors of wood…what’s next?


        April 23, 2013

        I like the way you think. It does seem like some neat possibilities there. I like the multiple wood idea. I would like to do some more iconic paintings it was really fun. I have yet been able to narrow it down though……. Blue Nude by Matisse maybe…… Or some Da Vinci sketches, his sketch of the wings is incredible everything about it makes me want to dream about flying.Strapping on those babies and jumping off a bridge….or on second thought maybe not.
        The other Tj

      • TJC
        April 24, 2013

        oddly enough just last week I read a fairly extensive biography of El Da Vi.
        You probably could not crank out enough “Last Suppers” to meet demand but…HEY! How about album covers?! Let It Bleed? Never A Dull Moment? Dark Side of Sailor Moon? Sure, it’s crass. Who cares? Benjamins count. Hey! How about a portrait of a hundred dollar bill? For only fifty dollars!

        I realize I sound like a smart ass (imagine that) but I have gone out with my potter buddy to artsy towns around Florida, spent the weekend sipping beer under a 10×10 show tent flirting with art-loving rich women and watching their husband’s money (cash!) go from their wallets to Cromwell’s fanny pack. Do you know how many hundred dollar bills you can get in an old school fanny pack?

        When you are good at something there will always be no end of people telling you how you should do it. That must be why so many people tell me to fuck off. They know I’m good at it.

        Righteous is as righteous does,

        yr bddy Art

      • TJC
        April 24, 2013

        Picasso would be good, as would Gaugin…bold strokes for ease of replication…check out some of the Frank Lloyd stuff, not just the stain glass windows but his Japanese prints hustle…a Falling Water would certainly kick ass.

        As a craftsman and builder I was always jealous of the auto mechanic. He worked in a shop, a controlled envirionment…crew was optional, mostly…his work came to him, no loading up the truck and driving to a place where things might or might not work out…if they worked out it had more to do with my reluctant people skills than my love of wood and building…

        Then I built a pottery studio for this guy and got second-hand invited to hang out with the art crowd and was instantly outraged and envious of their scam-trade: art pays more than the same thing under the name of craft or, god forbid, construction.

        Me, I early on decided to get in on the greatest scam of all, typing. I worked hard at it and the only brush with success came in the form of a post-divorce blur down in Key West in the ’80’s. I was living in my van on Smathers Beach and there were these caricature artists and these artist artists and I set up a stand, using the bottom of a mango crate and a piece of borrowed charcoal and made a sign: “Your Life Story In Three Pages For Three Dollars.” Damned if there wasn’t a demand and I would set them down in a rented beach chair and ask a handful of questions that I already knew the answers to then hastily write it up with a BIC pen on a soggy steno pad, sign it with a flourish and ask for my three dollars.

        The stand next to mine was a Rum Smoothie thing, very cold, kind of a rum milkshake and they were only three dollars.

        I might still be there today doing that same thing except that Key West is a Gay Enclave and I am all for that, I am queer friendly but there is a phenomenom that takes place there that you just don’t get anywhere else. These staid middle aged men who are upright (and uptight) and have wives and kids back in Ohio or Indiana or one of those god-forsaken places, these perfectly respectable fuckers apparently find some excuse or other to Go South with the rest of the Elks Club or the Odd Fellows (who knows?) and suddenly it’s flame on, they drop their facades and now here is somebody’s Dad walking down the beach with somebody else’s Dad and holding hands and acting a little strange.

        Then, finally, just as I am on the edge, the very verge of literary success with three-page biographies; one of these couples stopped by my booth and it was late, it had been a good day with lots of work and an equivalent amount of rum smoothies and for no apparent reason I started asking pointed personal questions about farming; these two guys must have somehow indicated to me in my “handful” (har) of questions that they were gentleman farmers, and without anything being possible to be done about it I started talking, in all earnestedness, about pigs.

        I beg of you, should your work ultimately lead to the art show circuit, remember your friend Old Tim Joe, and always, ALWAYS, remember pig jokes don’t fly.

        Thanks so much for listening.


      • TJC
        April 24, 2013

        Good Lord, I just told a pig joke. There really is no hope for me. Please forgive me and if you have any gay friends or aquaintances who raise ANY kind of livestock, please ask them to forgive me but don’t give them my e-mail address. Further, in all seriousness at least as far as I am capable of since my girlfriend got her welfare check and i’m wasted don’t think I’m trying to insult you or comment on art or picasso or chain saws or even for that matter chain saw oil or any of the weird things people do with it. It’s only three more years until they let me back into Key West if we can keep this between us I would forever be in your debt, up to a point.

        again, thnx tj

        April 25, 2013

        Haahaa! Tj keeping it real. First no need to ever apologize for speaking your truth I value the real interaction we have on this alternate universe we call the blogosphere. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of people patting each other on the back and as nice as it would be to have somebody pat me on the back it doesn’t mean half as much as the real interactions. I also never thought about album covers a “forgotten art”. Or F.L.W another good option to look into.

        The written word is powerful if I can ever create a carving that could touch someone as much as say some of Robinson Jeffers poetry touches me then I will drop the chainsaw like Chris Rock drops the microphone. Until then I will stumble on trying to get out what I know /hope lays dormant. Art is a wonderful thing but it also chases us when we wish only to sleep.

        But I don’t have to tell you that…….


  3. James Noles
    April 17, 2013

    So you finally found your true calling. So excited to see this piece and some pictures of your cabinetry work as well… Keep up the great work!

  4. Debra
    May 2, 2013

    What a great piece Tohner, I LOVE it. You are onto something here, this is really intriguing. Best to you!

      May 2, 2013

      Thanks!!! I love all of y’all’s work but “Into the Vortex” is my favorite! Such a great variety of work…….
      Keep trucking

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Dad and I built this house in 2011 on a stone outcropping overlooking Lake Somerville. It was just published in the Luxe Life - Houston Chronicle. How you like them apples!

#artisanbuilders#artisanbuilt#customhomes#homebuilders#txbuilders#builditandtheywillcome#houstonchronicle #luxelife Saturday at the lake.

#lakesomerville#welchpark#flyfishing#kayaking #txkayakfishing #getoutside#outsidefamily #takeakidfishing #fish#bethewater Sunday night.Smoked pork butt.Buffalo nickel camp knife. All is well. Happy Valentine’s! Get in where you fit in. I am home. Love - T Rowan who will be turning 9 years old tomorrow received a lego v-dub at his birthday party yesterday. Obsessed with building it from the moment he opened it. This morning my wife goes into his room at 4:45 he has his lap top open,tv on and he is midway through bag 2. He looks up with the eyes of an obsessed builder,a look she has seen many times from (me). With no help from anybody he finished the obsession.... I mean project just before noon. Never got angry or frustrated but most importantly seemed to enjoy the process. A project for 16 year olds and older 1,167 pieces later. He’s grown so much in the last year....which gives me hope maybe it’s not too late for me to grow as well. Determination and obsession can be a very productive duo just don’t forget to enjoy the ride. @lego .
#dadlife TGIF friends!! Still toying with different color combinations for the official Artisan Builders cap. This combo is pretty sweet but I’m going to have a few other color combos made to compare. What do y’all think? Cheers.

#artisanbuilders#customhomes#artisanbuilt#homebuilders#branding#tgif#swag#buildit#builditandtheywillcome Grow your own. Dinner is shaping up!

#victorygarden#growyourown#brussellsprouts#backyardgarden #brenham Saturday expedition. Lake Somerville. 2018.
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