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Prelude to a carving, The LEGEND of the LIGHT



ONE TREE WOODWORKS presents: The legend of the light.

Brought to you by: Wood and Words

Written by: Tohner Jackson

Directed by: Tohner Jackson

adaptation from a novella by: Tohner Jackson

The Legend of the Light:

The legend of the light was something he had heard of since he was a youth. It was stories that had been sung to him in the form of lullabies as a child. When he had finally  come of age for his own vision quest he asked the elders about the light. They reluctantly told him that the light was merely a legend created by our forefathers and that the light never existed and even if it did seeing it would surely ruin his life. This troubled the youth for he had dreamt that the light was searching for him. For the last 18 years of his life every night he had the same dream, in this dream there was nothing but infinite darkness and within this dark world there was a tunnel and at the end of it was this light. The light represented pure truth, a force so powerful once held one would never be the same. Once seen one would never forget. Because with this truth all the shackles of life would be removed fear, anxiety, doubt, regret, hate. After touching the light even love itself would be different. Though the dream would always end the same with a hand outstretched reaching from the static darkness just out of reach….holding the light.

The youth refused to  believe the elders, his dream was all to real for the light not to exist. The youth set out for his vision quest to find the truth, to find the light. He traveled for 7 days through woods so thick they barely allowed the sunlight to make its way to the ground. For seven nights he had his dream and every night it ended the same. Every night that is except for the 7 night on this night his life was to change. It was a remarkably dark night almost completely void of light the moon and stars hid behind the clouds.

The dream began the same way it always did the black static tunnel, the outstretched hand holding the light. But this time the light spoke and although the words were not of a language he had heard before  he had never understood anything more clearly. The outstretched hand moved closer reaching further out of the static darkness.

The elders had been wrong about the light it was not just a story……but had they been wrong about it ruining his life? When the youth awoke it was still dark his eyes watered from seeing  the light. It was time to go home this was to be the last day of his quest though he had seen what needed to be seen his heart was now saddened.  Now that he had seen the truth nobody would ever believe what it had told him. He knew he could never go home again. The legend of the light had found him. He now was the carrier of the light and the truth.

So was born the new legend of the light………………….



One comment on “Prelude to a carving, The LEGEND of the LIGHT

  1. Crystal Jackson
    June 18, 2013

    Well, you have my attention.

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