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Curves ahead

In order to start regurgitating the idea I have somewhere in my head I have built a model of it (idea) out of plywood. Using it to play with proportion and figure out some of the more complex joinery that will be involved. Hopefully after I’m finished thinking through the problems I will take apart the individual pieces to use as templates.

The objective and the (rules) is for a wall cabinet: with max dimensions 30″H x 30″W x 10″D


I was able to take my steamer on a trial run to soften some cedar strip to help me loft the curves of the cabinet.




photo 2

photo 1

2 comments on “Curves ahead

  1. Crystal Jackson
    April 4, 2014

    A good way to blow off some steam. Get it? Haha–nevermind.

  2. The Trailer Park Cyclist
    April 5, 2014

    Looks like a wood laundry basket. IKEA? Probably sell a million of them. BTW, I hate to beg for attention but did either of you catch my post Hawk In the Rain? It was for you guys. (inspired by your hawk carving) And me. I don’t know. Living in the world turns me into something else. You have to be a kind of animal, out there…after twelve days away from the grind i am beginning to remember myself but as I was saying in Slo-Mo it is becoming ever more clear that true spirit-living must happen somewhere else, off the grid. THE grid…I just want to be a kid again…


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