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In the woods with fireflies

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“What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.”
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5 comments on “In the woods with fireflies

  1. tim joe comstock
    June 26, 2014

    Man. Once, a gazillion years ago, I was sitting on my front porch in Dallas arguing with my first wife. She was twenty. The sun was down and she was sitting on the porch rail with her back to the yard and as we gently fought the fireflies came out and formed a kind of back drop halo around her but I was really pissed and kept on being a dick but finally, I said come sit next to me so we are looking in the same direction…and then she saw the gazillion fireflies and said “Holy Shit! What are those?”

    How can a person live twenty years without knowing about firefles? She was a Valley Girl (totally) and I guess they don’t have them there…but still…

    Ultimately, we ended up not looking in the same direction once and for all, and that makes me sad. Fireflies…


      June 26, 2014

      Apparently like the bee lightning bugs have been disappearing and researchers don’t quite know why. They believe that’s it’s most likely from light pollution,pesticides and development. I guess since thy use a sequence of blinks to communicate that it makes for some major miscommunication and confusion in a city or suburb settings which I guess will only continue as time passes.

  2. marksheridan
    August 11, 2014

    Looks really smart. Those look like old mason jars for preserving…is that what you used? Mark.

      August 11, 2014

      Thanks Mark. They are actually apple juice bottles “Martinelli’s” they were such a wonderful shape I knew I wanted to do something other than taking them to be recycled , so fireflies and mason jars or in this case (apple juice bottles) and hot summer nights spent in the woods seemed to make sense.

  3. marksheridan
    August 12, 2014

    Well done. My son tends to like apple juice boxes…but, I guess that wouldn’t have quite the same effect. Superb job, Tohner.

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Throwback pic: 13 or so years ago me and a buddy of mine spent many a weekend in the woods milling trees that I subsequently built many pieces of furniture from.Coming across this pic sent my mind on a bit of a memory drift : 
You never know what childhood memories will shape what and who you are. For me the smell of a chainsaw and the smell of fresh cut oak and the way sawdust feels on my arm always takes me back to childhood and going on weekend adventures into the woods to cut wood for the wood stove at home. The wood stove that was our only source of heat for the first few years of our life in the country after moving from the city. Looking back now I know my father would have obviously loved to have been able to have just turned a dial and had heat in our home. But as a kid I never saw the work or inconvenience of it just the adventure,the smell, the sound and the excitement of being in the woods cutting wood with my family.#onetreewoodwork #roots#smalltowntx#chainsawmill#furniturebuilder#customhomebuilder#secondgenerationbuilder#woodisgood#builditandhewillcome #husqvarna #bodark#mesquitewood #bluecollar #familymemories The American white pelican has the second biggest wingspan of any North American bird second only to the California Condor. They often collectively hunt (herd) fish in this case the abundant shad along the lake shore the very same place I throw my cast net for shad actually. In Texas this time of year we play host to so many birds migrating here for the warmer temperatures and easier non frozen fishing grounds.#getoutside#lakesomerville #txstatepark#whitepelicans#migration#birdsofinstagram Can't find a spoon carve a spoon. Mesquite.#onetreewoodwork#spooncarving #mesquitewood#woodisgood Find some Holiday cheer wherever you can.#getoutside#shinercheer #lakesomerville Did a little pre-Turkey hike around the lake with the family this morning. Before the weather and turkey hang over sets in. I haven't been to the lake since the last big batch of rain and man did it rise.#thanksgiving2015 #getoutside #lakesomerville #preturkey#texasig#welchpark On this the day before Thanksgiving I give thanks for BEING HERE NOW. We are here and others we love are not and that is just life. Fragile and fleeting this life is and we are here for only a moment a flash really. We owe it to life and those around us to always "Be here now". #onetreewoodwork #thanksgiving2015 #beherenow#ramdass Flip side of necklace. Just plain old wood therapy on this side.#onetreewoodwork #aromatherapyjewelry #mesquitewood#woodisgood Prototype: aromatherapy necklace carved mesquite and then I molded and stamped  natural earth clay that dries hard but stays semi porous. Which makes a good substrate to put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on it (not my idea just my take on it). #onetreewoodwork #aromatherapy #aromatherapyjewelry #esentialoils #woodjewlery
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